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LEAFF: Premiere: Jikji Route; Terra IncognitaU

When did the age of printing truly begin? Well, it depends what part of the world you’re in when you ask the question. In Europe, conversation revolves around Gutenberg, while in Asia it’s all about Goryeo. Woo Kwang-hoon was investigating this disparity when, in the Vatican Archives, his team found the ‘Pope’s Letter to the King of Goryeo’. Could this be the final proof that the Goryeo metal types created the world’s first printing press. Against the opposition of scholars unwilling to accept the finding, the filmmaker and his team travel to Europe, along the route of the ‘metal type’ to determine the legitimacy of their claim. It’s a fascinating film that suggests that although history is written, it shouldn’t always be set in stone.


Woo Kwang-hoon • Ariane Desgagnés-Leclerc • Ahn Jae-won • Kwak Moon-seok


Woo Kwang-hoon

Running Time

97 minutes