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Filmmaker Carlo Francisco Manatad’s home town of Tacloban was severely damaged when Typhoon Haiyan made landfall in November 2013. His feature directorial debut focuses on the aftermath of this event. Miguel (Daniel Padilla) emerges from the detritus of the storm searching for his mother Norma (Charo Santos-Concio) and girlfriend Andrea (Rans Rifol). When he finds them, Miguel suggests they leave, but Norma wants to find her estranged husband, while Andrea has other local concerns. Meanwhile, the dreams that have plagued Manual become increasingly vivid. Manatad corrals these disparate elements into a powerful portrait of conflict, between the characters on a personal level and, on a more global scale, between humankind and the environment.


Daniel Padilla • Rans Rifol • Charo Santos-Concio


Carlo Francisco Manatad

Running Time

105 minutes