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THIS IS A DOG FRIENDLY SCREENING – Please see FAQs for further details

Part of our Chiswick Picks – Wes Anderson Series.

As a nasty and extremely virulent canine flu ravages the technologically-advanced metropolis of Megasaki from end to end, the unscrupulous and corrupt mayor, Kobayashi, decrees that all dogs be banished to Trash Island – a vast offshore wasteland of refuse.

To track down his beloved four-legged companion, Spots, Kobayashi’s courageous twelve-year-old orphaned nephew, Atari, summons up the courage to set off alone on a dangerous rescue mission.

Along the way, the boy joins forces with a marauding pack of five abandoned alpha dogs who help Atari reunite with his best friend.


Jeff Goldblum • Bryan Cranston • Edward Norton • Koyu Rankin


Wes Anderson

Running Time

97 minutes
Mild Threat, Violence, Language.