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The Beatles’ unforgettable final concert on the rooftop of Apple Corps’ Savile Row headquarters on January 30, 1969, will be released to cinemas from the 18th February, as an exclusive opportunity to screen this legendary content. This theatrically exclusive piece will present opening scenes from Episode 1 of the docuseries, with an overview of The Beatles’ career from 1956 up until the rooftop concert in 1969. The entire rooftop concert, as featured in Episode 3, will then be shown, followed by The Beatles’ listening to some of their own recordings. The piece wraps up with 8 minutes of credits, as seen in Episode 3, which also shall include additional footage of recording sessions for Get Back.

FINANCIAL TIMES – Peter Aspden 5/5*
THE INDEPENDENT -Ed Cumming 5/5*
NME – Alex Flood 5/5*
THE HERALD – Alison Rowat 5/5*
THE TIMES – Kevin Maher 4/5*
THE TELEGRAPH – Neil McCormick 4/5*


John Lennon • George Harrison • Paul McCartney • Ringo Starr


Peter Jackson

Running Time

65 minutes